Conference Overview

Problem Based Sleep Medicine Course to Enhance Your Clinical Practice: Establishing a Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Sleep Disorders

This conference is designed to present important clinical information on sleep disorders that can be implemented into the practice of primary care physicians.

Materials will be presented in a case-based fashion with specific clinical cases that exemplify the type of problems presented to most practitioners. Course materials will include reference materials and assessment tools such as questionnaires that can be used in primary care settings.

There will be discussions on how to respond to the results provided from a diagnostic sleep study as well as the indications for obtaining such tests.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the lecture, Q/A, and panel discussions the participant will be able to:

• Identify and differentiate the most frequent causes for Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, EDS.
Distinguish the different types of commonly utilized sleep testing procedures and recognize the differences between in-lab and unattended Home Sleep Testing.

• Identify and differentiate the different abnormalities of REM sleep.

• Identify and differentiate the most frequent causes of Insomnia.

• Identify Restless Legs Syndrome and distinguish the most successful treatments for this condition.

• Identify the symptoms of obstructive respirations during sleep and realize the association with cardiovascular disease as well as distinguish the different treatment options available for patients.

• Recognize the relationship between sleep disorders and chronic pain conditions.

• Recognize the association between sleep disorders and ADHD.

• Recognize the social issues associated with the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from sleep disorders, and will be able to formulate an approach to deal with such patients.

Gain the knowledge you need to address your patient’s sleep ills in a one-day comprehensive course tailored to provide physicians with the essentials to develop a differential diagnosis and treatment plan for patients presenting with common sleep problems.